We are back!

We are back!


These summer months have indeed been bright as the butterfly in the picture. Valodu Darbnica in summer has been both relaxing and working hard in order to greet you and the upcoming academic year full of energy and enthusiasm. As they say, sometimes it is enough with getting a new haircut to make a fresh start, but we have changed our shape even more! For that reason we invite you to check out our improved image in our new website.

However, these are just changes in our appearance to make everything clearer, more accessible and closer to our ideas which have not changed themselves as the main goal still is to learn (to work, to live…) with joy!

Take a look on our detailed course descriptions, information about upcoming events and the rest of the website, and we hope to see you soon – on September 14th we will launch French and Latvian group classes for all levels.

See you!

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