Valodu Darbnīca’s Game Night No.3

Valodu Darbnīca’s Game Night No.3

28th October – the night to top up our energy levels.

Why did we need a game night? Well, because in October the days far too often were dark and cold, and people’s faces were getting longer and longer. We thought ‘ok, that’s enough of it, the need for a good boost is now an urgency!’ It didn’t take long then to figure out what to do as we knew already that there is a good remedy for situations like these – exciting games in fun, multilingual company.

Boy, we weren’t wrong – the combination met all our expectations. With the support of Brain Games we got a good selection of various games, and with your support we got excellent players. From there it just can’t go wrong, the night turned out wonderful. We tried some games of focus and concentration, some association games as well as role games. Witty comments, funny discussions, some drinks and snacks and, above all, a friendly melting pot of languages. Here are some photos to illustrate it:

Thanks a lot to all the participants and Brain Games for the support!

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