Looking for a working/co-working space?

Looking for a working/co-working space?

As always Summer comes with all sorts of changes. Is it the same for you? Are you looking for a working / coworking space in the centre of Riga? Valodu Darbnica is currently looking for friends to share truly the best and cosiest premises in Riga, Blaumana street (DarbaVieta). If you are a freelancer or you have a small team that is most productive on the first half of the day and until 4.30pm, and you value good ambience around you, look no further – we’ve got exactly what you need!

What we’ve got on our mind is a nice, bright and separate room. If we had to describe your future work space in 3 words, they would be ‘cozy, friendly and dynamic‘. In more details it looks like this:

Optic internet, conference room, printer, photocopier, scanner, whiteboard and other office tools, water, tea/coffee (and a cool café downstairs – Innocent coffee) and many other extras. Learn more about DarbaVieta here: http://darbavieta.rocks/

Does that sound good? Come and share with us the best co-working space in Riga!

For further information contact us here or call (+371) 20 60 88 68 !

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