On-line or in your premises, Valodu Darbnīca offers two options for individual learning: the Classic approach and the Independent approach.

The Classic approach – the team of Valodu Darbnīca will identify your learning trajectory and will provide you with training materials, tasks, activities, feedback, skills, and academic content in order to reach your desired outcome. The hourly volume and pace are chosen depending on your and the team’s schedule.

The Independent approach – a tutor of Valodu Darbnīca will assist you in identifying your training needs and defining your learning objectives. You will decide on your learning materials, the hourly volume and the pace of learning. You will regularly meet with your tutor to help you decide on your learning goals.

If you wish to apply for private classes, please fill in the application form

Participants  Price

1                      29,5 €/h
2                      38 €/h
3                      45 €/h
4                      52 €/h
5                      55 €/h
6                      57 €/h
7                      63 €/h
8                      64 €/h
9                      67,5 €/h
10                    70 €/h