French regions and cuisine – workshop for pleasure!

We invite you to discover the French regions and their cuisines with French teachers. At the end of this workshop, you will be capable of  planning a tourist trip to France and, more importantly, you will be able to prepare French dishes and enjoy them together with the rest of the group during two meals (main course with starter or dessert).

French regions and cuisine, French gastronomy

6 to 12 people (with French knowledge of level Threshold 3 minimum) will participate in activities on the geography, culture and cuisine of half-a-dozen French regions. The participants will share their knowledge and experiences and also will work together with oral media (recordings, songs, videos etc.) and written ones (advertisements, tourist brochures, articles etc.) to compare the information, create presentations and invent new recipes etc.

Volume and pace: 15h in 10 weeks (1h30 per week)

Price: 120 € or 8 €/h for 6-8 participants or 108,75 € or 7,25 €/h for 9-12 participants


Watch this video on French gastronomy as the world`s cultural heritage

French regions and cuisine



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