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French. Phonetics: present, past or future?

Mini-course on French phonetics – ‘present, past or future?’ 

French. Phonetics: nasal vowels or how to speak through nose?

Mini-course in French phonetics – ‘nasal vowels or how

French. Looking for job: CV and cover letter

Mini-course in French: Looking for job. CV and cover letter.

What’s new in Francophonie?

I want to discuss world news!

French. Francophonie: Canadian film directors

Mini-course ‘Francophonie: Canadian film directors’ Language proficiency required: B2

Latvian. Appointment with a doctor.

Mini-course in Latvian: Appointment with a doctor. Language proficiency

French. Writing workshop – exchange with friends

Mini-course ‘Writing workshop – exchange with friends’ Language proficiency required:
1:1 Valodu Darbnīca kursi

Consultations 1:1

Do you have any questions?

Whether you study French (or Latvian) at Valodu Darbnīca or elsewhere, you know for sure that sometimes you have to miss a class or two, or you would like to spend more time on a particular subject than planned. Not everyone can and wants to take additional private classes either, so the best solution then is consultations!

Valodu Darbnīca offers consultations 1:1 (face-to-face) with the teacher who will help you find responses to all your questions regarding French or Latvian. Quick, easy and convenient!

Should you have any questions or you want to apply, do not hesitate to write to us!