Chat Shop No.5 – review

Chat Shop No.5 – review

How did Chat Shop No.5 go?

On 28th September Valodu Darbnīca hosted discussions on topic ‘How to learn foreign languages?’. The event was organised as part of the program of European Day of Languages.

Just like the rest of our Chat Shops, this evening, too, turned out truly fascinating as we found out many interesting details about one other’s experiences whilst practising foreign languages. Here are a few exemples of the topics discussed during the evening:

  • How to learn a foreign language if you have no ‘talent for languages’?
  • What would be useful to know about oneself in order to improve learning process?
  • How can the teacher assure individual approach for learners who study in group?
  • What are the skills one acquires in language studies and what are the possible learning techniques? Etc.

At the end of discussions, the participants also shared which questions or quotes they found most interesting. Some exemples:

  • “In order to learn a language you must first understand why you want to do it, then – how you want to do it and then you can start learning (and never stop!)”
  • “It’s interesting that you can learn successfully in different ‘orders’ – learn the structure and grammar of a language first and then complete it with conversational knowledge or the other way round.”
  • “Teacher is supposed to help you learn not do everything in your place!”
  • “Interesting discussion about learning a language using your ‘physical memory’.”
  • “Loved the positive ambition of the translator – “I want to understand such things in Latvian( and be able to transfer them into French) that I believe no other French could do!””
  • “I really liked the friendly mood at the event and the fact that it was very easy to switch from one language to another.”

This feedback and other comments prove that we definitely have reached Chat Shop goals – to inform, to promote the sharing of experience and to provide an opportunity to practice foreign languages in a friendly and pleasant environment!

Click HERE to listen to excerpts of discussions in French and in Latvian!


Guests of Chat Shop No.5:nicolas auzanneau

After finishing studies in history and literature, Nicolas Auzanneau has taken part in various projects of French and European institutions. Projects were related to education, culture, international collaboration and translation. Today Nicolas Auzanneau divides his time between Brussels/Schaerbeek and Riga, and is preoccupied with translation of Latvian classical and contemporary literature into French. He has translated works of such authors as Rainis, Eriks Ādamsons, Andra Nieburga, Agnese Krivade and Aleksandrs Čaks. Currently he is working on translations of the creative work of Rūdolfs Blaumanis, Jānis Veselis and Inga Gaile. In addition to that he also writes a blog

jonathan durandin valodu darbnica

Jonathan Durandin is a specialist in the field of foreign language didactics and a teacher in both Latvian Academy of Culture and language centre ‘Valodu Darbnica’. ‘Valodu Darbnica’ is a project that he launched aiming to help language learners to take responsibility of the process of their studies. Jonathan Durandin holds a PhD in Language Sciences and is mainly interested in relations between the teacher and language learners, and promotion of autonomy in studies.



ilze rusmane valodu darbnica

Ilze Rušmane is a graduate of Latvian Academy of Culture and currently continues her studies in University of Latvia, professional Master’s program in Translation. Whilst juggling various translation projects, intercultural communication, client service and interest in visual communication, Ilze is constantly observing and prospecting different communication levels and tools. Her own experience in language studies and an opportunity to help her close ones to learn languages, as well as work in language centre ‘Valodu Darbnica’ helps broaden her perspective and ideas on foreign language studies and various linguistic issues.


Thank you all for participation and your interesting stories! We are looking forward to seeing you back in our next Chat Shop!

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