‘Chat Shop’ No.3!

‘Chat Shop’ No.3!


Just a few days left to the 3rd session of “Chat Shop”, hosted by Valodu Darbnīca. This time we’ll have an excellent subject for the beginning of the year – since it always comes with tons of wishes for happiness, we thought it would be worth going a bit deeper and discussing it more.

‘How to live happily here and elsewhere?’ – discussions on the factors that contribute to happiness and well-being, on home comfort, on influence of environment and culture; this subject touches all of us, both together and individually. For that reason it won’t be a lecture, it will be a discussion between all of us.

Meet our guests – 3 introductory paragaphs on 3 personalities.

Xavier Landes is a philosopher and a researcher in the University of Copenhagen. He has lived in France, Canada and Latvia, but from 2009 he has settled in Denmark. In the University of Copenhagen Xavier gives lessons on happiness which is also the theme of several of his publications (http://mcc.ku.dk/staff/?pure=en/persons/383109). In the meantime he is also a counsellor at the Happiness Research Institute (http://www.happinessresearchinstitute.com ) – a think tank to promote discussions on happiness in Denmark and elsewhere. On top of that, Xavier has regular publications also in French version of the magazine ‘Slate’ (http://www.slate.fr/source/62197/xavier-landes).

Antoine Jacob has been working as a journalist for a quarter of a century. He has chosen Northern Europe as his research field. He often visits the Baltic States and says he feels better in Riga than in Stockholm despite the fact that there he has far more opportunities to enjoy jazz which is one of his passions. Otherwise Antoine enjoys observing, walking, reading, listening, writing and other things. In his spare time he also writes a blog – jacobnordiques.blogspot.com.

Didzis Melbiksis is a journalist as well as a consultant for UN Refugee Agency. He has spent almost 7 years in Sweden and considers it to be almost like his second home-country. Social media with all their possibilities and shortcomings is the sphere where Didzis feels very comfortable.  Such networks as Twitter and Facebook gives him a chance to promote political campaigns on issues he deems important. In his free time he also tries to write fiction and play guitar. In fact, Didzis even has a band now – yet another experiment in the pursuit of life.

See you on 18th of January at 7pm, at cafe AUSTRA, 41/43 Barona Street!

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