Chat Shop No.3 – review

Chat Shop No.3 – review

How to live happily here and elsewhere?

Another great evening spent together with you! Chat Shop No.3 hosted lively conversations on happiness in general and in context of living in one’s homeland or abroad. During discussions in different languages we managed to both practice foreign languages and to try to figure out, for instance, what the feeling of happiness actually means; how our age and living conditions influence our satisfaction with life; what character traits are like for someone who feels happy wherever he is; whether it is possible to impose happiness on yourself and why that would be necessary and whether we can only attribute the feeling of happiness to the past or it can be a long lasting feeling at the present? These are just a few of the aspects we touched in our discussions. We are certain that none of us went home with fewer questions than there were before, however, we believe that this is the best result possible.

Here you can hear a few extracts from the discussions in Chat Shop No.3:

Table 1 with Didzis Melbiksis (in Latvian):

Table 2 with Antoine Jacob (in French):

Table 3 with Xavier Landes (in French and English):



Thanks a lot to everyone who participated, asked questions and shared their own experience! We thank our guests Xavier Landes, Antoine Jacob and Didzis Melbiksis, and thanks to cafe ‘Austra’ for welcoming us and looking after our hungry stomachs! We would also like to thank Andrejs Lavrinovičs for providing some visual memories of the night!

See you in the next Chat Shop! Follow the News section here and our Facebook page for updates and announcements on these and other events organized by Valodu Darbnīca!

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