CHAT SHOP forum No.2 – coming soon!

CHAT SHOP forum No.2 – coming soon!

Let’s jump into the next one!

We are glad to continue ‘Chat Shop’ („Boîte à palabres”) event series that we successfully opened last season, and the next one will take place very soon –  on 15th of October.

This time we will focus on new art forms – interpretive dance, contemporary circus and experimental theatre. We will be introduced to these forms by 3 representatives: Jonathan Durandin, Marta Aiše and Māra Pāvula.

Following the concept of ‘Chat Shop’ series, there will be plenty of collective and face-to-face discussions in free form in order to introduce ourselves and find out the details we are interested in. On top of this, our guests will have a presentation of some of their creative work.

The event will be held in French, Latvian and English languages. Free entrance!

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