What's new in Francophonie?


I want to discuss world news!

2 May 2016
10 weeks, 15h (1 x 1h30/week)


Your French level is at least B1 (around 180 – 210 hours of learning, Valodu Darbnīca level Threshold 1).

This workshop is aimed at developing your skills in speaking and reading comprehension by introducing you to trends and news in French speaking countries. You will use various news medias and information documents, most of the time on internet.

Goals of the course vary according to news and topics covered. Here are some examples : to explain a situation, to give and to support your opinion, to talk about events in past, to describe a situation or a person…

During the course you will use vocabulary expressing quantity, assessment, aim, conditions and hypothesis; sentence connectors, figurative expressions and different language registers…

Depending on the information material, you will use different grammar and vocabulary elements, such as sentence connectors, past tenses, synonyms and antonyms… 

I choose my hours and sign up: *Thursday, 5pm - 6.30pm ;