French. Writing workshop - exchange with friends

rakstīšanas darbnīca, writing workshop, atelier d’écriture

1 x 1.5h

Mini-course ‘Writing workshop – exchange with friends’

Language proficiency required: from Intermediate 1 (A2, min. ~120h of learning)

At the end of this workshop you will be able to exchange messages and letters with your French-speaking friends. The workshop will also introduce you to the sociolinguistic modalities in written French as well as to some of the most commonly used abbreviations.

You will learn how to ask and talk about the news in your life, how to write about yourself and your activities, how to suggest meeting or going out, how to describe an event or a situation, as well as how to accept or decline invitations etc.

During the writing workshop you will use informal phrases for addressing and ending, various past tenses (passé composé, imparfait et plus que parfait), Future Simple, lexicon related to everyday life, common colloquial abbreviations etc.

Materials required:

All materials, printed or electronic, will be provided.

Time offered: Friday, 25.11. from 5.30pm to 7pm


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