French. Phonetics: nasal vowels or how to speak through nose?

Nazālie patskaņi; vārdu sasaistīšana; nasal vowels, voyelles nasales

1 x 1.5h

Mini-course in French phonetics – ‘nasal vowels or how to speak through nose?’

Language proficiency required: from Beginner 3 (A1, min. 60 hours of learning)

No more misunderstandings! At the end of this mini-course you will be able to distinguish and to pronounce nasal vowels in French, to identify their spellings and to form corresponding lexical and grammatical structures. During this course you will have the opportunity to learn about the The International Phonetic Alphabet which, when using French dictionaries or manuals, will help you understand word pronunciation.

Would you recognise nasal vowels? Yes? No? Maybe? Do not miss the chance to learn these difficult sounds!

You will learn how to distinguish and pronounce nasal vowels in French, what the spelling is for each of these sounds, how to understand word pronunciation with the phonetic alphanet, as well as, how to identify masculine and feminine verb forms in spoken text.

During this mini-course you will use various nasal vowels, indefinite articles ‘un’, ‘une’, adverbs with ‘-ement’, ‘-emment’ and ‘-amment’, numbers and much more.

Materials required:

All materials, printed or electronic, will be provided. You will have to have a pocket mirror (to evaluate your own articulation) and a telephone (or another device) with you in order to create voice recordings.

Time offered: Wednesday, 30.11. from 5pm to 6.30pm